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Well folks, it’s finally here. The record I’ve been foaming at the mouth for since the start of 2012 is finally here, and it’s really good. KT has turned in a masterpiece – forty minutes of glam garage pop trash bubblegum glory. I won’t waste time thinking of other bands this sounds like, or trying to build an ‘angle’ for this review…all you need to know is that King Tuff is one of the last real rockers left, and you are a fucking fool if you don’t buy this.

 Things kick off with “Anthem,” a brash, swaggering tune, with some glorious guitar work – normally anything with the word “anthem” (national, rock, trance) is enough to make me pitch the disc in the garbage, but this is worthy of the title. This is far heavier than anything on “Was Dead,” but at the same time, it’s even sweeter – this album’s got hooks out the ass…for serious. This leads into “Alone and Stoned,” a paean to blazed headphone sessions (this album will sound amazing in such a state, by the way). The track’s a bouncey, peppy little number, like most of the ones on here – it’s a rare rock record that actually feels appropriate to dance to anymore. Suppose you see this guy live, and someone’s standing against the wall with arms folded – go kick him in the shin, because he’s doing it wrong. You could say any of these songs sound like T-REX, I guess, especially “Loser’s Wall,” but there’s something greater than Bolan’s sexy come-ons; there’s a sense of goofiness in tracks like “Keep on Movin” and an energy on ones like “Stranger” that makes this one of the most exciting releases I’ve heard in a long time. Not only is every track memorable, they’re all pretty different, but always King Tuff. They’re great as individual parts, but even better as a whole.

The best moments on this record are the ones where everything just blows up – the chorus of early release “Bad Thing” and the end of “Stupid Superstar,” but there’s no shortage of ‘moments’ here. It’s a record full of idiosyncrasies, and the philistines will think he “sounds weird,” but that’s really what makes this record so great – Tuffy’s vox do sound weird sometimes, but it’s up-front and forces you to deal with it. There’s no ironic co-opting or lazy ‘lo-fi’ apathy slacker rock bullshit – here, the sound is genuine rock; he gives enough of a shit to play his guitar well, which in itself puts him above 80% of active bands, and then the tunes…goddamn, these tunes are huge. It’s on Sub Pop, which may make the s00per underground types bristle, but it’s a good thing – this record will be far more available, and it fucking deserves it. I’m done gushing. Buy this now.

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