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JOEY GHOSTLY is the amp-murdering frontman for NYC trio THE ENTHUSIASTS, who are tearing shit up with their brand of 70’s inspired in-the-red rock and roll. After a 7″ last year which has been extremely well received (“Sinkin/Risin b/w Joanne”), they’ve finished their new LP, which is pretty fucking great. Joey took time to drop these 10 bangers on us; “it’s just shit I’ve been into lately,” he explains. “Actually its a good playlist to bump in the car on the way to a show…with the exception of the neil young track cuz that 1 is mad slow and depressing” – we’re inclined to agree. Get your ears bloodied at the link below, and check THE ENTHUSIASTS ON FACEBOOK

1. Timmy’s Organism –  ‘MONSTER WALK’ One of my favorite tracks off the new Timmy’s Organism LP.  Surprise surprise, Timmy’s still got it. duh.

2. Apache – ‘THE REAL SHIT’ A real gem from Apaches underrated debut – Boomtown Gems.  An anthem that makes us bummy dropouts and jobless weirdos look cooler than the college grads.  “you wanna be a scientist, suckin on your mommy’s tits” …need I say more?

3. Mujeres – ‘BLOOD MERIDIAN’ Good fast sloppy Barcelona garage rock.  For fans of Davila 666, Los Vigilantes, or for anyone who has a soul.

4. Jay Reatard – ‘MAN OF STEEL’ R.I.P. Jay.  Total genius and huge influence on me, blah blah blah.  One of the first Reatard tracks I’d heard was an old demo of this song. I love both versions.  You don’t know how badly I wanna hear the rejected version of Watch Me Fall.

5. Blondie – ‘YOUTH NABBED AS SNIPER’ I’m just now getting into Blondie.  I never thought the Lost Sounds were influenced by Blondie till I heard this track.  RIPPER.

6. Midnite Snaxxx – ‘GUYS LIKE THAT’ Catchy hooky sugary girl punk.  As fun as the first Donnas album.  These bitches can write hooks for days.

7. Baby Jean – ‘DANCE IF YOU WANNA’  Like i said – this is for anyone that has a soul.

8. Human Eye – ‘THE MOVIE WAS REAL’ The Movie Was Real!!!!!  From Timmy’s best album ever and modern psych classic They Came From The Sky.

9. Neil Young – ‘MOTION PICTURES’ Another song about movies.  Recently I was talking with a friend about whether this song was happy or sad.  I’m still not sure. All I know is that slide guitar kills me.

10. Ty Segall Band – ‘WAVE GOODBYE’ Sam from the Nubians showed me this one and I was surprised how much I dug it.  This is one of the only Ty Segall songs I really like. Heavy as fuck.  Good job, Ty.  Maybe theres more up yer sleeve than I thought…


RATING: 7.5/10

Thee Dirtybeats promise “maximum vintage garage and psychedelia,” and after listening to their first batch of songs, I can say with confidence they deliver in full. I give these guys serious props – they’ve recorded this strictly with vintage equipment – “vintage KAPA, Mosrite, Rickenbacker and Fender guitars, Fender and Ampeg amps, Big Muff fuzzes and Morley wahs” – and they’re giving it away for free on their bandcamp. This is music from Thee Holy Church of NUGGETS, and these guys mostly nail it. The vocals, playing, and sound are pretty faithful to the source material – I do wish the production was a little bit dirtier; for the vintage sound and trappings, this recording is oddly clean and polished.

Anyway, onto the music.  “You Lied to Me Before” is a good mid-tempo number, featuring solid guitar work and an awesome quasi-whispered bridge. It’s fairly revival-by-the-numbers, but it’s done really well. The first few songs follow much the same formula.  Their brand of 60’s revivalism is largely reminiscent of what THE GREENHORNES were doing 10 years ago.  It’s not original music by any means, but that doesn’t stop the songs from being any less danceable!  It’s all good, but it’s not until “Stop It Baby” that the album really starts swingin’ – the track opens with awesomely snarly guitar and a fast, nimble beat with more teeth than a lot of the emanations from the Nuggets altar. This is simple and brash in the best way – combining the economy of hardcore with garage cool. This leads into “Wild Man,” which features a Twilight Zone-like intro, and a pretty badass TRASHMEN-esque chant. The record is heavy on covers which are faithfully rendered, but often lack the menace and wild sloppy abandon of the originals. The record closes out with “Cool One,” which is just fucking incredible. Freako guitars, burning drums – serious goddamn boogie here. Some songs fly, some don’t – but how can I possibly fault any band for not matching the SONICS or the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS?  Thee Dirtybeats aren’t re-inventing the wheel, but they do an adept job of proving that a great fucking wheel never goes out of style. 


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