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Sorry for the absence. Wax Trash has been partying pretty hard celebrating the breakup  of garage-pop turdburglars JET. Anyway, we’ve got a slate of reviews, and we wanted to take a page from the Totally Awesome and Intelligent Dean Professor Mr. Sir Madame of Rock Critics and get them all out the door. Here we go.

1. SPIDER FEVER – S/T LP: Asskicking 70’s punk. It’s a solid meat-and-potatoes release; good, but not a must-own or anything. If you’re into the ‘old-guys-showing-you-how-it’s-done’ trip, you’re better off with drummer Mario’s other band, OFF!

Grade: B

2. THE GLORIOUS VEINS – S/T LP: Not sure the Veins’ publicist really gets our vibe here at WT. This is fairly tuneful herky-jerky dancey post-punk…i guess it’s like FOALS? do the kids like them? 

Grade: C-

3. SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY – EXPENSIVE VOMIT IN A CHEAP HOTEL LP: Standard issue folk-punk. There’s some good moments and good lyrics on here, and the singer’s got his style down pat, but it gets a little too sleepy at times.

Grade: C+

4. THE FUCKING HOTLIGHTS – HIGH SOCIETY TORTURE PARTY LP: Noisy hardcore influenced punk. These guys probably really like FUCKED UP, but thankfully aren’t as pretentious. There’s a few good moments, but 11 tracks gets tiring.

Grade: C

5. THE MOVEMENTS/ANGRY DEAD PIRATES – SPLIT 10”: European garage maniacs tear through 6 tracks of American garage. REIGNING SOUND vs. THE BLACK LIPS. The tunes are there, and so are the hooks, but the recording quality is a little exhausting. This is worth picking up.

Grade: A-

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