REVIEW: Impo & The Tents – “Don’t Give Me Your Number” EP

RATING: 8/10

I wanna give this record an even-handed treatment, because it occupies a special place in my collection. See, Impo & the Tents (get it?) hail from Sweden, and I picked it up in a great little shop in Stockholm last month. At the time, it wasn’t available stateside, but I happened to be in Sweden, and so it marks the absolute farthest distance I’ve ever traveled to get a record (even Google can’t figure out how I did it).

Anyway, I’m glad I went to fair Swedenland to pick it up, because this is a nice little 7″. It’s snotty, catchy garage/punk/whatever – in the vein of JAY REATARD, if he didn’t sound like he was about to collapse under 20 tons of paranoia, or maybe like a slowed-down DICKIES. That’s probably actually better – these songs are pretty light-hearted affairs, and the penchant for vocal harmonies means this could easily hang with those guys. The first track is a little power-poppy thing, followed by the Ramones-y “Four Eyes.”  It’s poppy and punky, but it’s not pop-punk – it’s tight, punchy, and will burrow into your head immediately.

3rd track “Eating From Your Hand” keeps pace, a bouncy track that might be my favorite here – it’s got great energy and a really memorable hook – ditto for closer “Tonight” – I got a feeling Impo & Co. do a fun live show. I really like that every track on this release seems more sugar-rushy than the last, even if they’re all pretty similar. It makes for a nice experience as each track builds upon the last, instead of opening with the bangers and slowly running out of steam the way some releases tend to. The release folds up as abruptly as it opens – after 4 tracks which probably barely top 5 minutes total, it’s over. In a way, this release has it all – hooks, fun, tight playing, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome – look for more from this band.

LISTEN: Bandcamp

BUY: Slovenly

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